Advisory Note

Advisory Note

This advisory is being released in the public interest to warn the public about dishonest practices and false advertising that aim to deceive suspicious people seeking loan facilities


We have discovered that certain scammers pretend to offer loans (through advertisements or emails) at appealing terms in an attempt to trick insecure borrowers into paying the scam artists' processing fees, stamp duty, and other expenses in exchange for the loans. These payments are requested to be made in cash, by check, or into bank accounts under the fraudsters' control. The fraudsters then misappropriate these funds and flee with them. Dealing with such a scammer carries risk, and the company disclaims all liability for any loss or damage incurred, whether direct or indirect.

We've highlighted a few of the typical or potential operating scenarios for these kinds of activities for the sake of illustration.

Short, classified ads may be posted by a fraudster on websites, adblocker pages, or other print or digital media. Such advertisements typically convey information to the reader by utilizing deceptive and fraudulent suffixes or prefixes along with the statements such as Lionlender Finance is advertising loans at extremely low interest rates, with flexible repayment terms, no security requirements, and more to individuals, businesses, and partnership firms. Those who are interested should get in touch with xyz person via number provided (scammer) or email address provided in the advertisement. It is important to remember that these phone numbers and email addresses do not belong to Lionlender Finance Private Limited. Do not fall for any such situations.

In a possible situation, a person might receive an email or text message from a scammer posing as an agent, offering loans with low interest rates, simple repayment plans, or no security. In order to trick the reader into thinking the sender is a representative of the company, the email would include fictitious and misleading suffixes, prefixes, or designations along with the name of Lionlender Finance Private Limited. It would also ask interested parties to get in touch with the sender via phone or email.

Your personal information may be compromised by online scammers and imposters, leading to financial losses and/or harassment. In your own interest, you are hereby advised to be wary of such con artists. You can get in touch with our closest Branch Office if you have any more questions, concerns, or information.

At no time will our organization be held accountable or liable for any illegal transaction or dealing with such a fraudster.

Don't fall for scammers' tricks

The targeted individual is asked for personal information and may be asked to pay money for charges, processing fees, application fees, etc. when they get in touch with the scammer. Either cash or a deposit into the fraudster's account may be required for this money. There are very few options available to the victim for recovering their money once the fraudster takes off with it after it is paid. What should be done if such a communication is received: We advise you to take these necessary steps if one faces such situation, Before making any online payments or applying for any loans, please confirm that the website, emails, SMS, and so on are legitimate.

  • Verify the legitimacy of the company name. Such an advertisement is probably fraudulent if the company name isn't Lionlender Finance Private Limited. 

  • Verify that the email address provided is accurate. Check the sender's email address. 

  • As soon as you are certain that the advertisement is fraudulent, report it to the authorities and notify us via email at (customer care email ID)